Oregon International Council

Oregon International Council General Information

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Oregon International Council

318 Drake Street

Silverton, OR 97381-2144

Phone: (503) 873-4941

Email: annhaviland@aol.com


A private, non-profit organization committed to strengthening international knowledge and understanding throughout Oregon.


Informed Citizens
A healthy economy
A peaceful world


The Oregon International Council is a private, non-profit organization established in 1983 to strengthen international education state-wide at all levels. It is funded by membership dues, government and private grants, and program fees.

OIC works with state education agencies, local schools and districts, private schools and colleges, business, government and professional groups, and individuals. As a small, independent organization, it has the flexibility to serve as a bridge among education, business and other sectors of the community to serve the needs of the people of Oregon for worldwide competence.


Expand knowledge of the international dimension in the daily lives of all Oregonians, emphasizing understanding of cultures, languages and peoples. The Council has no specific foreign policy goals but seeks to enhance the basis for responsible decision-making in public and private life.

Work with educators at K-12 and college levels to help achieve an “international mindset” among the people who will lead our nation in the 21st century. By 1999 over 2,200 educators had taken part in OIC-sponsored programs, providing new academic background and teaching support that supplement the mono-national education most of us received in earlier years.

Assist organizations and individuals in identifying resources they can use to expand their knowledge of the multinational world.


Summer Institutes and Seminars, in Oregon and abroad, offer educators intensive introductions to new cultures and to new teaching approaches and materials.

Workshops during the school year use lectures, films, teaching activities and new materials help prepare educators (primarily K-12) to broaden the perspectives of future citizens.

Youth Exchange and Study Abroad Directory, OIC’s yearly listing of programs helps students make informed choices on international educational travel.

Curricular Library, with video tapes, discovery kits and readings helps educators teach about foreign cultures and peoples.

OIC Connections, the Council’s periodical newsletter, reports on developments in international education and related fields.

Statewide In-service Schedule. Since 1995 OIC has produced and distributed statewide a bulletin on in-service activities scheduled for Oregon’s Professional Improvement Day (2d Friday in October).

Associated Organizations – OIC works closely with the Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching (COFLT) to assist implementation of Oregon’s new initiatives on foreign language proficiency for all students, and with other member organizations in the newly established Social Science Professional Organizations Consortium to support – and encourage an international perspective in – Oregon’s new curriculum in the social sciences.